[htdig] excluding file trees from indexing process

Subject: [htdig] excluding file trees from indexing process
From: Jens Moellenhoff (Jens.Moellenhoff@partner.bmw.de)
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 04:35:52 PST


This may be just another one of these newbie questions, but how can I
exclude virtual file trees from being indexed? Whenever I enter the
keyword "index" in my search form, it returns a lot of hits like
"Index of folder1/folder2/folder3/" and shows the folder's index when I
click on one of these hits.

I know this can be avoided (e. g. by using "exclude_urls" or
"bad_extensions"?), but not how exactly. I searched the mailing list
database for I don't know how long and read the FAQ, but I don't have a
clue yet.

Thanks for your help,
Jens Moellenhoff

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