[htdig] Features of HtDig

Subject: [htdig] Features of HtDig
From: Brett Hansen (brett@annis.com)
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 10:44:11 PST

Hello All,

My apologies if these questions have already been answered, but I spent some
time searching through the mailing list and was unable to find updated
answers to these questions.

I have a few questions on what Htdig can do.

1) From my understanding (from a message in the mailing list in 1998) Htdig
cannot do a "Proximity Search". Is this true? Has this feature been added
in the
past year?

2) Does Htdig support "Stop Words", or as I understand: When Htdig hits a
word in a stop
word list it will stop indexing the individual page.

3) Does Htdig support the ability to Limit it indexing/searches by date, or
age of a document?

4) Also does Htdig support the ability to sort searches by date or age of

Thank You,

Brett Hansen
The Annis Group
Network Support Technician
email: brett@annis.com
Work: (248) 395-0001 x227

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