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Subject: Re: [htdig] Search engine
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 09:35:25 PST

According to Uday:
> Our unix server running apache server is Red Hat unix (Version 6.1).

In that case, you may want to use the htdig-3.1.3-1glibc21.i386.rpm RPM
package in instead of building your
own package from source. It sets things up much more automatically for

> We configured the CONFIG parameters.After running the all makes ,we didn't
> encounter any errors.

By "all makes", I assume you did the "make install" already.

> Now how can we attach your search engine to our home page.Is that all we
> require to do?,just making changes to the CONFIG file.

Once you've completed all the makes, the CONFIG file is no longer used.
It's just for compiling and installing. All runtime configuration
is handled by htdig.conf, or any other similar configuration
file you decide to use. Its attributes are all documented in, so have a look there for details.
At the very least, you'll want to change start_url to point to the URL
from which you wish to start indexing your site.

Then, you should run rundig at least once to build your databases from
scratch. For small sites, you can run rundig periodically to rebuild
from scratch each time, or you can set up a customised script that does
updates to the database, rather than rebuilding each time.

A sample search form, search.html, should have been installed where you
specified in the CONFIG file, when you did the make install. You can
customise it as you wish, but it should work as-is. After rundig
completes, you should run htsearch once from the command line to test
it, and if that works, try entering your query into the search form.

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