Re: [htdig] word_list columns

Subject: Re: [htdig] word_list columns
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 12:55:54 PST

According to Aaron Turner:
> there are 6 columns in the wordlist file. Obviously col1 is the word.
> What are the others? (i, l, w, c a)

First field: indexed word (lower case)
i: doc ID (to match up with records in
l: location of word in doc (0-1000, i.e. tenth of a percent units)
w: weight of word in searches
c: no. of occurrences of word in document, if > 1
a: index into anchor list in db.docdb record, to indicate which
                anchor name, if any, preceded this word

Fields are tab separated. All of this info gets put into db.words.db by
htmerge, so htsearch doesn't actually look at db.wordlist.

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