Re: [htdig] System specifications

Subject: Re: [htdig] System specifications
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 09:58:16 PST

According to Udaya Bhasker:
> We downloaded your search engine after searching the web for more than
> one week.Your search engine fitted our bill perfectly.
> I downloaded it in my home directory and I made a symbolic link for
> /htdoc/index.html file to our our index.html file.
> We have doubts about the entires that have to be made in the CONFIG
> file.we made entries in the CONFIG file which we thought as relevant
> ones .We opened our site through a browser and opened the symbolic link
> file.We encountered the message"URL forbidden".

It seems to me you're trying to read the htdoc documentation from your
web server. It may be that your web server isn't configured to allow
following symbolic links ("Options FollowSymLinks" in Apache), or the
symbolic link points to a directory that the web server can't access
(look for execute permissions turned off on the htdoc directory, or
any directory above it up to root). You said you installed the source
in your home directory - many times users have their home directory
permissions set to rwx------, which blocks out any access to the
directory (or anything under it) from any user other than yourself.
Your web server runs under a different user ID than your own, of course.

You can also browse the ht://Dig documentation on-line at

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