[htdig] i need help on htdig database format

Subject: [htdig] i need help on htdig database format
From: ronald (ronald@dds.nl)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 08:06:09 PST

when htdig exports results from an index as textformat it generates two
files. The files look like this :

0 u:http://www.htdig.org/ t:ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
a:0 m:936027636 s:373 h: h: l:940510479 L:2 I:373 d:http://www.htdig.org/
www.htdig.org ht://Dig Search Software (yes, the developers use it)
ht://Dig Parent Directory A:
1 u:http://www.htdig.org/contents.html t:ht://Dig Table of Contents a:0
m:936027636 s:3539 h: Contents General ht://Dig Features and Requirements
Where to get it Installation Configuration FAQ Mailing list Uses of
ht://Dig License information Reference htdig htmerge htnotify htfuzzy
htsearch Configuration file META tags Other How it works Contributors
Release notes ChangeLog TODO Bug Reporting Contributed Work Website stats
Developer Site Quick Search: h: l:940510479 L:25 I:3539 d:/contents.html A:
2 u:http://www.htdig.org/main.html t:ht://Dig: Overview a:0 m:940044123
s:3717 h: WWW Search Engine Software ht://Dig Copyright (c) 1995-1999 The
ht://Dig Group Please see the file COPYING for license information. Recent
News * 22 Sep 1999: A new stable release of ht://Dig, htdig-3.1.3, is
released. This release is recommended for all production systems. It solves
most of the outstanding bugs in the 3.1.x releases. See the release notes
or download it. * 1 June 1999: Unfortunately, due to lack of interest from
key developers, the ht://Dig Conference from Aug 19-20 will be cancelled.
We hope h: l:940510480 L:10 I:3717 d:ht://Dig /main.html A:
3 .... and so on.

01oct99 i:115 l:0 w:100998 c:2
01oct99 i:116 l:0 w:100998 c:2
01oct99 i:45 l:6 w:100381 c:2
01oct99 i:46 l:0 w:100998 c:2
02aug1999 i:48 l:361 w:639 a:2
02jun1999 i:50 l:262 w:1382 c:2 a:2
02mar1999 i:53 l:378 w:622 a:2
02may1999 i:51 l:280 w:1349 c:2 a:2
and so on

Can anyone please tell me exactly what these fields mean ?


Ronald Tournier
Stichting De Digitale Stad
1011 TD Amsterdam
tel. 020 6257493
fax. 020 6382817
tel direkt: 020 5205335
e-mail: ronald@dds.nl

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