[htdig] Foreign chars (Swedish)

Subject: [htdig] Foreign chars (Swedish)
From: Philippe Ramkvist-Henry (phira600@student.liu.se)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 05:51:19 PST


I'm having problems with some foreign chars when using htdig to index and
search a Swedish site. The locale is set right (sv) and is working in
other applications. The problem I have is somewhat weird, maybe it has
something to do with "uppercase" "lowercase"?

Well, I can search words like "Åsa,åsa,Öl,öl" and get the same matches.
But when I try to search "bäst" I get no hits. With "bÄst" I get several

I asked a guy here a the University and he said that there might be
complications with "unsigned char" and "char". He gave me the example
below. Please answer at a novice level, my C++ and Unix knowledge is very

Philippe Ramkvist-Henry


     while ((unsigned char)string[pos])
         new_state = table[trans[string[pos]]][state];
Should be? or?
     while (string[pos])
         new_state = table[trans[(unsigned

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