Re: [htdig] Reducing the importance of pages.

Subject: Re: [htdig] Reducing the importance of pages.
From: David Adams (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 02:42:03 PST

> Is it possible to reduce the importance of certain pages? We have
> some pages on our site that are directories and contain thousands of
> entries. As a result they always seem to come up as top results
> whenever we search for anything. I don't really want to remove these
> pages from a search but I would like them tol appear lower down the
> list. Is this at all possible (perhaps by using negative weighting or
> similar?)?
> Thanks!
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> Jason Carvalho
> Web Analyst
> Cranfield University

You could increase the weighting of other pages by encouraging
the use of

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="...list of keywords...">


<META NAME="description" CONTENT="...relevent text...">

in their headers. On our site we have increased the weighting
of keywords to 200.

You might consider not indexing the directory pages atall by placing

<META NAME="robots" CONTENT="noindex">

in their headers. Links in them will still be followed, but htdig
will not index the words in them.

David J Adams
Computing Services
University of Southampton

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