[htdig] System specifications

Subject: [htdig] System specifications
From: Udaya Bhasker (udaya_bhasker@mumbai.tcs.co.in)
Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 20:28:57 PST

Sub:Search Engine,System Specifications


     Our system is a Linux server (Version 6.1) with Apache server running on it .We want a search engine that collects all the relevant documents and files which matches the given query from ours server.

We downloaded your search engine after searching the web for more than one week.Your search engine fitted our bill perfectly.
 I downloaded it in my home directory and I made a symbolic link for /htdoc/index.html file to our our index.html file.

We have doubts about the entires that have to be made in the CONFIG file.we made entries in the CONFIG file which we thought as relevant ones .We opened our site through a browser and opened the symbolic link file.We encountered the message"URL forbidden".

So could You people Please help us to solve the entries to be made in the CONFIG file.



Hope For The Best And Pepare For The Worst !!


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