Re: [htdig] irrelevant pages in search

Subject: Re: [htdig] irrelevant pages in search
From: Hartmut Steffin (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 06:18:34 PST

> Von: Hartmut Steffin
> I have the same problem on our intranet site. it reaches a level of

found the error
Dave, check if this is your problem as well.

i had a bad database. i used the - more or less - automated unchanged script
"rundig". if you do something autotomatic, look at the messages! htmerge
failed (with the simple message "htmerge failed". you should do something
about this!) due to unsufficient space in /tmp while in the part the
standard command "sort" does its work. despite the man page, sort and/or
htmerge does not seem to honour the TMPDIR variable which IS properly set
and exported in "rundig" and points to a hd with sufficient space.

i did not have the time yet to hunt the problem down to the specific
program. i just wanted to let you know.

in ANY case,
1. htmerge should do a better error message (I even used -v)
2. htsearch should be able to identify a corrupt db


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