[htdig] footer.html - legal grammar + PHP3

Subject: [htdig] footer.html - legal grammar + PHP3
From: Philip Coates (philc@noho.co.uk)
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 03:56:14 PST

Is there a way of using PHP in the .html files in the common dir? Ideally
I'd like to have a footer which says something like:

    $rem = $(MATCHES)%5;
    $total = (($(MATCHES)-$rem)/5)+$rem;

    ...some PHP code here to replace the normal footer code...

Unfortunately, PHP seems to ge a bit parsed by the ht://Dig engine; is there
any way of allowing PHP in the footer.html file? Is there any other way
anyone can think of of extracting the $(MATCHES) value in such a way as it
can be passed to an external (to ht://Dig) script?



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