[htdig] Punctuation as word separators?

Subject: [htdig] Punctuation as word separators?
From: GWIS - Dan Roberts (ddr@gwis.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 09:43:02 PST

We are using htdig to index some pages where there are listings of
recordings in Artist/Title format (only a slash separating them). When we
search for Artist or Title, no results are displayed, however we CAN find
matches for the entire Artist/Title string. How can we make htdig
recognise Artist and Title as separate words in this case?

Please cc: my return address, not sure if my list subscription went
through properly. Thanks!

Dan Roberts                                  Voice  800.656.GWIS
GWIS Internet Solutions                      Fax    330.656.5440

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