[htdig] dark zones of time

Subject: [htdig] dark zones of time
From: Giancarlo (ping@alt.it)
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 00:32:10 PST

still there are some obscurities:


if set to true it will set 'now' as the modif time of docs that don't
return one.

What about settin true the first time and false the following?
I tried varied combinations and found that this will unchain the
'unwanted digging' nevertheless I said max_hop_count 0.

What does 'retrieved but not changed' in the log mean? Does it means
that a
comparason is made on differences in the content? In the case, what

Will 'modification_time_is_now: false' over a previous version stored
m_t_i_n: true go thorugh a comparison? And which will be kept?

Does merge respect Last modified? I mean will it substitute a doc that
has a newer date with an older one?.

In practice these are all time-related questions, as you see.

I've tried to build a casistic but some unpredictable effects shows,
like starting a 999999 dig upon some strange combination of params...


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