[htdig] WebSearch UK - Your site has been added..

Subject: [htdig] WebSearch UK - Your site has been added..
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 12:42:20 PST

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have launched a new Search Engine called WebSearch UK
which is located at the URL:


Your site has been added by our automatic site sumission system and
indexed by the robot "crawler" we lovingly know as "RatThing".

May I ask you to review it at your leisure?

I would like to provide, for your perusal, the following information
on some of the basic services I can provide you, to generate more
business for your web site:

"Basic user demographics - further information is available to
bona fide advertising partners:"

        72% are Male
        28% are Female

        55% are 25 or younger
        27% are 25 to 35
        18% are 36 and older

        32% access the internet from work
        36% access the internet from home
         6% access the internet from a cafe
         2% access the internet from a friends computer

        38% have used the internet for 1 year or less
        62% have used the internet for more than 1 year

        42% have purchased products over the internet atleast once
        29% regularly purchase products over the internet

        63% of websearch users have higher than usual disposable income

Since it's launch on March 25th 1999, WebSearch has managed to attract a
strong repeat userbase of internet users who, after becoming increasingly
frustrated with other search engines, went looking for a search engine to
meet their need for regularly updated, accurate search results from a 100%
Australian regional internet Search Engine.

banners get "full run of site" on the following web sites / servers:

        WebSearch AU
        Australian Search Engine

        WebSearch NZ
        New Zealand Search Engine

        WebSearch HK
        Hong Kong Search Engine

        WebSearch UK
        United Kingdom Search Engine

        WebSearch World
        Global Search Engine

please take this oportunity to visit and review our banner management
system, where you can see just how powerful the information we provide
for free as part of buying a campaign by visiting:


        Account: demo
        Password: demo

I also include for your perusal, the following up date to our pricing
for ad placements, as they were updated on the 1/10/1999 from what
was previously a flat CPM of Aust$40.00 :

BANNER = GIF or JPEG image 12k of less of 468x60 pixels
BOX AD = HTML box with content + link(s) / call to action
   ROS = Run Of Site ( ie. top and bottom of page placement )
    HP = Home Page

        Position CPM Placement
468x60 banners:
        full ROS $30 all countries ROS
        regional ROS $40 one country ROS
        all HP $50 all countries home pages
        regional HP $60 one counrty home page

        Position Monthly Fee Placement
home page html box:
        all countries $1,500 all countries results
        one country $1,000 single country results

results pages html box:
        all countries $500 all countries results
        one country $350 single country results

please note that from time to time our pricing may change, so be sure to
visit and book mark our pricing page, where our very latest pricing is


minimum monthly spend is Aust$500.00 - we prefer to take campaigns for
at least three months, but will consider two, or even one month campaigns
if you only require a short campaign. you should note though that as per
other print mediums, three months is the recommended period for any ad
campaign if you are serious about attracting customers.

payment is made by bank cheque from any bank of your choice - we provide
details regarding to whome the cheque is to be made and the postal
upon bona fide requests for advertising.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and to being able to provide
you with a successful banner campaign on the wbesearch network.

Thanks in advance!


Dez Blanchfield KDE
World Wide Web Optometrist
"it's all about eyeballs on web pages!"

PS: I am currently experimenting with mobile email, on a Palm Pilot V !!
    If I am taking longer to respond, it's coz I am getting up to speed,
    so if you need something delt with immediately, be sure to reflect so
    in the Subject: field as I filter by subject keywords at all times.

    Never attempt to opperate your Palm Pilot V while driving a Honda
    Civic GLi - it causes the Palm Pilot to behave erraticly..


   WebSearch.COM.AU has achieved position #26 in the top100 internet
   report this week just gone - we are generating 0.10% of all search
   engine and directory traffic throughout the world !!


   There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through
   a suitable application of high explosives. Thats why I love Saturday
   morning cartoons, what classic humour! This is what entertainment is
   all about.. Idiots, explosives and falling anvils!


        Add your site with our new real-time site submission interface:



        Can't yet afford to buy banners just yet but want some ads?
        You might like to join our WebSearch Exchange Banners !!



        Give your website a $free search engine instantly:

        WebSearch AU

        WebSearch NZ

        or "menu" sized "box" group search form

        or "page" sized " group search form

        use your browser's "View Source" feature, cut and paste
        the HTML and 'hey presto!' - instant search engines !!

        Show your site is registered with WebSearch with:


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        person(s) or entity to which it is addressed and may contain
        proprietary, confidential and/or privileged material.

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        other use of, or the taking of any action in reliance upon, this
        information is strictly prohibited and without liability on
        our part.

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