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Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 07:31:30 PST

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Title: ht://Dig
URL: http://www.htdig.org/
Download URL: http://www.htdig.org/files/
Version: 3.1.3
Released: 09/22/99
Platform(s): Unix
Description: The ht://Dig system is a complete world wide web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet. This system is meant cover the search needs for a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a web site. ht://Dig can span several web servers at a site.
Contact Name: The ht://Dig mailing list
Contact Email: htdig@htdig.org
Category: Programs_and_Scripts/C_and_C++/Searching/Searching_Your_Web_Site

Password: blnWPJNL

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