[htdig] Buglet in htnotify?

Subject: [htdig] Buglet in htnotify?
From: Jason Haar (Jason.Haar@trimble.co.nz)
Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 16:22:09 PST

I use Qmail (http://www.qmail.org/) as our MTA, and it has trouble dealing
with the Email messages generated by htnotify.

It thinks that the From: line generated by htnotify is illegal - and it
could very well be right.

From: ht://Dig Notification Service <xxx@yyy>

This contains '/' - which needs to be escaped.


From: "ht://Dig Notification Service" <xxx@yyy>

This occurs in another spot too - where sendmail is called with the "-F"
option to set fullname. Calling it as "-F '"ht://Dig Notification Service"'"
would fix that too I suppose...


Jason Haar

Unix/Network Specialist, Trimble NZ Phone: +64 3 3391 377 Fax: +64 3 3391 417

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