Re: [htdig] perl contribs

Subject: Re: [htdig] perl contribs
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 05:44:57 PST

At 1:17 PM +0100 11/12/99, Giancarlo wrote:
>The way they are, it needs to catch all possible 'whats' to get to the
>record end. I went into the C source trying to find a full list/struct
>of 'whats', but I am not keen with C, and couldn't find it.

See htcommon/DocumentRef.h, which has comments on each field. The
field list should be complete.

>I see also that the urls, as returned by these scripts, have the
>'common_url_parts' (and maybe other parts too?) in them still
>compressed. Are they simply packed strings? Should the script match them
>against a hash that represents the 'common_url_parts'?

Not really. Probably the easiest way to approach fixing the Perl
scripts would be to build an XS interface so the Perl code can call
the C++ interfaces. But I don't have any experience in that sort of
thing and have my hands full anyway. So it looks like it will only
happen soon if someone volunteers to do it.

>I couldn'd have it work with the GDBM_File perl module. It works instead
>with BerkleyDB...

I thought that most of the recent versions of ht://Dig had the
scripts modified to at least work with Berkeley DB. If that's not
true, then someone should at least fix that (again)!

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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