[htdig] Lowering the weight of pages

Subject: [htdig] Lowering the weight of pages
From: Jason Carvalho (J.Carvalho@Cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 07:58:12 PST

Is it possible for me to "lower" the weight of certain pages.

I have some pages on my site that I don't want to exclude from
searches, but I also do not want them appearing as the top items all
of the time.

The pages are directories of research topics at our university. As a
consequence they have a lot of words in them and always seem to appear
at the top of search results. I would like them to appear lower down
the list, without actually excluding them (they still have some
important information in).

Many Thanks

Jason Carvalho
Web Analyst
Cranfield University

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