[htdig] rundig does not finish

Subject: [htdig] rundig does not finish
From: Howard Ha (howardh@telus.net)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 05:05:22 PST

Hi there,

I am experiencing a weird problem and I'm not sure what the cause might
be. If I am digging a relatively small site everything works fine. I can
dig pretty large numbers of pages without problems, but when I try to add
more sites to dig I get this problem where everything just stops. (it looks
like the scripts stop midway through the dig... it never even starts the
merge). The really weird part is that it closes my telnet session too.

So here is the chain of events:
I load up my telnet program (netterm) and loggin
I run "rundig", which starts fine.
When I come back the telnet screen is gone.
If I check the db directory I can find the work files, but I'm not sure if
they are complete yet.
I know the merge is not done cuz the new sites don't show up in searches.

Some info:
running Red Hat Linux and latest version of htdig. As I mentioned,
everything works fine if I am not trying to dig too many pages. Could this
be a RAM issue? And if so how can I use multidig to help me separate the
task out and then merge everything together later.
The eventual goal is to dig around 300-500 sites.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


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