Re: [htdig] Help a newbie

Subject: Re: [htdig] Help a newbie
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 12:14:02 PST

According to
> I have exactly the same. ht/dig is on Saloris. htserach works fine from the
> shell but I receive "the document contained no data" with Netscape and a
> blank document with IE. Other CGI programs, scripts are working very fine.
> Any idea ?

Are the other CGI programs in the same cgi-bin directory, or a different
directory than where you installed htsearch? If it's the same, are
the file ownerships and modes the same? Most importantly, is execute
permission set to allow execution by the user ID under which the HTTP
server runs? If it's a different directory, is that directory defined
as one which contains CGI programs (ScriptAlias in Apache), or does the
htsearch program have the appropriate suffix (e.g. .cgi for programs
not in a ScriptAlias directory)? Do CGI programs run under a different
virtual root directory on your server?

> On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Philippe Ramkvist-Henry wrote:
> > get "the document contained no data". My htsearch is working because when
> > I run it from a shell it answers with some html code. I'm wondering if it
> > might be my server that I've set up wrong? Probably it's me and cgi
> > scripts...
> If htsearch responds from the shell, then it's probably a CGI
> configuration issue. Do you have other CGIs that work? (Most servers come
> with some test CGIs for debugging.)

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