Re: [htdig] Boolean search on "keywords"?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Boolean search on "keywords"?
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 07:03:18 PST

According to Philip Coates:
> Yes, I did mean on the "keywords" field; I might have found a way round
> this, however. Is it possible to force ONLY the words found in the META
> keywords tags to be included in the words db? I have managed to get this to
> work to some extent, but words like filenames and similar still creep in; at
> the moment I have set up:
> keywords_factor: 10
> title_factor: 0
> words_factor: 0
> Do I need to set anything else?
> Once this is done, I can do a boolean search on the "words" field because
> only keywords will be in the words db; I can then use the "keywords" field
> to do some extra checking...

This seems to be a frequent cause of confusion. The "keywords" input
parameter to htsearch has absolutely nothing to do with searching meta
keywords fields. It actually predates the addition of meta keyword
support in 3.1.x. A better choice of name for the parameter would have
been "requiredwords", because that's what it really means - a list of
words that are all required to be found somewhere in the document.

To restrict a search to meta keywords only, you must set all factors
other than keywords_factor to 0, and for 3.1.x, you must then reindex
your documents. In 3.2, you'll be able to change factors at search time
without needing to reindex.

Hmmm, seems like something that should go in the FAQ...

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