[htdig] Indexing Stuck In Loop

Subject: [htdig] Indexing Stuck In Loop
From: Waldo L. Jaquith (waldo@wamdesign.com)
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 13:08:54 PST


I'm having an unusual problem that I'd appreciate some input on. When
indexing my site, htdig gets stuck on a certain portion of my site,
looping around forever.

Much of the site is built on PHP. Thus, many of the pages are
dynamic, and can have features toggled. This particular page has two
options of note: activity and showdescription. Activity can be
"inactive", "active", or "all". Showdescription can be "no" or
"yes". Below you will see an excerpt from running htdig -iv:

ption=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=no: **--*++*+***************** size
= 8423
=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=no: **--**+*+******************** size =
ion=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=yes: **--*++*+********************
size = 8958
ion=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=no: **--****+********************
size = 8955
=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=yes: **--*+**+******************** size
= 8958
ion=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=yes=no: **--*++*+********************
size = 8958
=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=yes=no: **--*+**+******************** size
= 8958
ption=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=yes=yes: **--*++*+*****************
size = 8429
ption=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=no=yes:**--****+***************** size
= 8426
ption=no=no=yes=yes=yes=yes=no=yes=no:**--****+***************** size
= 8426

This goes on forever, with every possible combination of variable
settings being indexed, and then adding another level of complexity
to the showdescription. Eventually I just kill the process. Of
course, it's not appropriate to have both "yes" and "no" in the
showdescription, but that's really beside the point. I've gone
through the code, and there is no code that will add "=no" or "=yes"
to the string. The entire string after the question mark is passed
as a whole, without variables.

Anybody have any ideas? This one's a little beyond me. In the
meantime, I can't index my site, which is a bit of a bummer.


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