Re: [htdig] Multiple versions of header.html & footer.html

Subject: Re: [htdig] Multiple versions of header.html & footer.html
From: peter karlsson (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 06:27:37 PST

Jason Carvalho:

> E.G. Our Computing department would like to have a search page which
> produces results in their own style, not that of the university.

Just use different configuration files, and set up different common
directories for each of them. That's the way I've set up so that my personal
search engine has very different looks depending on where it is invoked
from, while the contents stays the same.

In the search forms, change the 'htdig' in <input type=hidden name=config
value=htdig> into the base name of the other configuration files.

peter -

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