[htdig] German umlauts on FreeBSD

Subject: [htdig] German umlauts on FreeBSD
From: Pieter Hollants (fate@frankfurt.netsurf.de)
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 04:27:28 PST

In my htdig config file I specified "Locale: de_DE" to have ht://dig
properly index documents containing German umlauts. This works fine on my
local Linux box (i.e. a search for "Pulvermueller" matches), however the
same config with the same site (= same data index) fails on my ISP's FreeBSD
box (i.e. a search for "Pulvermueller" gives no matches). I've noticed that
on my ISP's machine, /usr/share/locale contains data dirs named
de_DE.ISO_8859-1 whereas my Linux installation just names these de_DE, if
that helps.

Pieter "Fate" Hollants - IT consultant <pieter@hollants.com>

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