[htdig] HTDIG install problem

Subject: [htdig] HTDIG install problem
From: Patrick Meehan (P@trick.meehan.org.uk)
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 10:03:11 PST

Please could anyone help ?
 Following the instructions at
 it all works, until I get to
 bash-2.01$ make install
 when it throws me out with
 ***Error Code 1

A mail to the people supporting the server said

"I've taken a look at both the code and the site. Our installation of BSD
seems to be missing a library that htdig wants in order to compile
properly. The library is c_r. I do not know what library this is.

This is about all the help we can offer you. Try posting a message on
the HTDIG mailing list. You can access it from their website. I find
mailing list do help resolve this type of issues."

Many thanks for any clues


P.H Meehan
C.A.S.T Systems Ltd
St Andrews Road
Phone 01223 323261 Fax 01223 323261
Mobile 07803 166845

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