[htdig] make for gcc fails

Subject: [htdig] make for gcc fails
From: Pat Dugal (wm@youthincare.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 23:56:47 PST


I managed to get gcc-2.95.1 configured, so please ignore my previous
message. Now I'm working on getting it to build so that I can install
ht://Dig. But of course, I ran into some problem with a syntax error
early in the make process. I'm using GNU Make version 3.77 on a BSDI
BSD/OS 2.1. The following is the output of the command make:

In file included from
sys/resource.h:103: syntax error before `quad_t'
sys/resource.h:109: syntax error before `fixpt_t'
make[1]: *** [getruntime.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/magma/users/u7/yic/gcc/libiberty'
make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2

Here is a window of text within the resource.h:

struct rlimit {
        quad_t rlim_cur; /* current (soft) limit */
        quad_t rlim_max; /* maximum value for rlim_cur */


quad_t isn't defined in resource.h. So my question is: where can the
definition of quad_t be found, or how do I define it? If you're not
sure, where's the best place to ask this question? Any suggestions as
to what I can do would be greatly appreciated.


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