Re: [htdig] Grrrrr.... pesky keywords!

Subject: Re: [htdig] Grrrrr.... pesky keywords!
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 13:42:52 PST

According to Philip Coates:
> I am running a search where I've set keywords_factor (or whatever) to 10,
> with words and title weighting at zero; unfortunately htsearch still only
> seems to search on the words (I've specified one that appears in every
> document) and completely ignores the fact that it's supposed to be searching
> on keywords; is the "multiple keywords from one form" bug still there, or
> should that be fixed now (3.1.3)?

That bug was only in dealing with multiple definitions of the keywords
input parameter in the search form. There was never a problem with
dealing with multiple words within one keywords input parameter value.
In any case, yes, that is fixed in 3.1.3.

If you want a search to match only meta keywords, you'll need to set all
other *_factor attributes to 0, and re-index. If you leave something
like description_factor or title_factor as a positive value, you'll
still get matches for words within documents. If you don't re-index,
then of course you'll still get all the words that were indexed with
the previous factors. In 3.2, you'll be able to change these factors
at search time, rather than dig time, but for 3.1.x you're out of luck.

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