Re: [htdig] No boolean available in search.html first time

Derek E Mart (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:06:21 -0500

* Geoff Hutchison ( [991103 01:06]:
> At 12:51 AM -0500 11/3/99, Bernard T. Higonnet wrote:
> >Am I correct in thinking that search.html offer the choices of "Any" and
> >"All" but not "boolean". After ferming a search "boolean" becomes
> >available.
> >
> >Can someone tell me why?
> It's a sample search form. So it gives the examples most users expect.
> Personally, our site doesn't offer any of these choices--it defaults
> to "All" which is what many people expect.

Actually you need to edit your search.html and add:
         <OPTION VALUE="boolean">Boolean
in the section entitled:
        <SELECT NAME="method">

The reason you get this option later is very simple... the common files have
this option and the search.html example does not :) enjoy!

Oh, btw, here is an ht://dig example:
it has the simple search and a link to the more advanced search just below the
menus on the left.
You guys made this possible... thanx bunches.

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