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Gilles Detillieux (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 09:22:30 -0600 (CST)

According to Florin Andrei:
> Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> >
> > Arrgh! This is one of the most annoying problems in the configuration
> Yes, indeed. :-)
> > of 3.1.x, which I'm hoping is fixed in the upcoming 3.2. You have to
> I just can't wait for it. :-)
> > manually edit CONFIG after running ./configure, to change IMAGE_URL_PREFIX
> > to what you want.
> >
> > Otherwise, you need to set image_url_prefix in your htdig.conf, AND edit
> > all your common/*.html files, as well as search.html, to correct all the
> > <img src=...> tags to use the path you want. (The first fix is easier,
> > if you don't mind recompiling and reinstalling.)
> Another fix is to make symlinks from the original /htdig directory to all the
> websites maintained by your server. If you don't have many sites, then this is
> ok. But if you do, or the structure is changing dynamically, well, bad luck...
> :-)

For multiple sites on one server, you probably don't want to make use of
compiled in defaults anyway, unless there are shared files for all sites.
You're probably best off setting image_url_prefix in each site's config
file, to the value for each site. Then, if the sites make use of shared
common/*.html files, change all references in these to refer to
$(IMAGE_URL_PREFIX) instead of /htdig in <img> tags. In each site's
search.html initial search form, you'll need to change any reference to
/htdig to use the appropriate directory for that site. The search.html
must be pure HTML, and can't use template variables as it doesn't get
processed by htsearch.

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