[htdig] trying to get output from a program (htsearch)

Bernard T. Higonnet (higonnet@world.std.com)
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 14:55:29 -0500


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I'm trying to get at the results of a search performed by htdig so I can
massage the results.

I have changed search.html so that instead of going straight to htsearch
it goes to search.php3.

search.php3 seems to get the parameters for the search OK (I can print
them out individually) but when, within htsearch.php3, I execute
exec("dirs/htsearch config=.......&words=lookig",$results);

I get the following error messages in ..Apache/error.log:
enter value for format:
enter value for words:

So it seems I do get to the original hetsearch but it isn't getting the
parameters (indeed it makes no difference what I provide as parameters)

Bernard T. Higonnet
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Belmont MA 02478-2836 USA
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