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Gilles Detillieux (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 11:59:32 -0600 (CST)

According to J. op den Brouw:
> Maybe I can persuede(? sorry) people to update the htdig survey
> or to add new entries:

Hi, Jesse. On your survey results page, you list the following problems:

 1 Quote problem: napoleon doesn't match napoleon's
 2 htnotify unusable (causes runaway process)
 3 need to figure out how to exclude multiple directories (using excludes
   in the search form) -still tweaking my configuration
 4 htdig hangs when gathering certain sites/pages, thus no full search of
   entire intranet can be done
 5 finding disk space for sort!
 6 Can't index Postscript and PDF
 7 Prefix match; read HTML files directly; preprocess HTML files
 8 sometimes probs running the update from cron
 9 Problem running rundig under crontab, since fixed
10 can't figure out how to index userdirs
11 too many hits without "words" to be part of results page

Problem 1 should be fixed now in 3.1.3. Problem 6 can be resolved using in external_parsers, along with ps2ascii from ghostscript
and pdftotext from xpdf 0.90. Problem 5 can be solved using the TMPDIR
environment variable on non-BSD systems. Some variations on problem 8
are addressed in the FAQ. I'd be interested in finding out how many of
these problem still remain in the current release.

Have you tried contacting previous respondants directly to follow up or
request updates? (I wonder how many of them still follow this mailing

Anyway, I'll update my entry now. Thanks.

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