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According to
> Thanks for a quick answer on my last problem.
> Im having problems with changing locales in the htdig.conf file.
> Im indexing an Icelandic website so we have to use special Icelandic
> characters (,,,,,,,, etc.. ).
> Therefore I tried using the Icelandic locale is_IS by putting locale: is_IS
> into htdig.conf.
> Htdig gave me an error straight away that the locale was unknown. Then I
> tried using en_US instead of is_IS and
> it gave me the same error.
> All my locales are stored under /usr/share/locale and I also tried
> supplying fullpath to the locales in htdig.conf without success.
> My question therefore is: How do I change the locale from the default (C
> right?) to is_IS and after doing that won't htdig be able to index words
> that use special characters ?

locale: is_IS

in htdig.conf should do the trick, as long as all the locale files are
properly set up in the /usr/share/locale/is_IS directory. It may be
that locale support is broken on your system. You didn't mention which
OS you were running htdig under. I don't have experience with locales
other than on a few Red Hat Linux systems. I do know that with Red Hat
4.2 (libc5 based), I could not get locales to work at all with htdig,
even after building and installing the locale files I needed. With
Red Hat 5.0 (and 5.1, I think), locales worked, but the locale files
were not installed by default - an update RPM for glibc took care of
this problem.

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