Re: [htdig] htmerge fails...

Geoff Hutchison (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 07:31:53 -0600

>I am very new to htdig and want to get it up and running for my site before I
>try to build it for my departmental site. I use the following
>command and this
>is the output: $htbin/htmerge -vvv -c $conffile
>pick: hostname:80, # servers = 1
>htmerge: Sorting...
>htmerge: Removing doc #12
>htmerge: Removing doc #27
>htmerge: Merging...
>htmerge: 2500:zone
>htmerge: 20
>hostname: Connection refused

I don't think you're just calling the htmerge program. It doesn't
know heads or tails about servers and wouldn't give you "pick: ....

I'd check to see if "htmerge" isn't some sort of script.

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