[htdig] Locale - Problems :(

Mon, 01 Nov 1999 12:14:23 +0000

Thanks for a quick answer on my last problem.
Im having problems with changing locales in the htdig.conf file.
Im indexing an Icelandic website so we have to use special Icelandic
characters (,,,,,,,, etc.. ).
Therefore I tried using the Icelandic locale is_IS by putting locale: is_IS
into htdig.conf.
Htdig gave me an error straight away that the locale was unknown. Then I
tried using en_US instead of is_IS and
it gave me the same error.
All my locales are stored under /usr/share/locale and I also tried
supplying fullpath to the locales in htdig.conf without success.
My question therefore is: How do I change the locale from the default (C
right?) to is_IS and after doing that won't htdig be able to index words
that use special characters ?
Thanks in advance..
B. Stefansson
University of Iceland Computing Services

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