Re: [htdig] htsearch translation?

Wolfgang Schneider (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 21:09:21 +0200 wrote:

> Hi. I was wondering if I could change the pulldownmenus for
> match/format/sort. I want to translate the values into Icelandic.
> I installed the rpm but have been trying to find these strings in the
> sourcecode (htsearch/.) .. without luck.
> Can anyone help me with this ?

Hi there,

    I just implemented a two language htdig search on my website at (you find the search button after you enter in
the left side frame, the search page shows up in the right frame -- it's
called "Suche" (search).

    The German part of my website will be of interest to you I translated
and re-arranged the html pages, and if you view the source code you will
notice that I also changed the "values" of the "option select" fields in
the form code which bring up these selections for match: and format: on
the search page

God bless you with His grace and peace

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