[htdig] Silly restrict questions

Anton Mc Kee (amk@broadcom.ie)
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 17:32:59 +0100

Hi All,

Well after trying numerous search engines I finally decide on htdig as it's
just so cool. It's a lot better that any of the bigger ones and takes up a
lot less mem.

Anyhow. I have several web servers that have various different doc's on them.
Say they are as follows.


Ok so you see my idea here. I indexed all the sites using a start.url file
as shown in the htconfig.
It was a file with just a list of the above urls. Anyhow my problem. A
person comes to product1,domain.com and theres a search on the page. they
search and the only results they should get are all that is relevant to
that site i.e only pages from product1.domain.com and nothing else should
be displayed.

I have tried this <input type="hidden" name="restrict"

however I still get results from the other web servers. Which if I did have
an intranet would be a big mistake as even the mere names on files would be
enough to breach security.

So obviously I am doing something wrong. Could anyone please help me and
tell me what it is.

Anton Mc Kee,
Broadcom Eireann Research Ltd.
15 Kestrel House,
Clanwilliam Place,
Dublin 2,
Tel: +353 1 6046052
Fax: +353 1 6761532
Web: http://www.broadcom.ie

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