Re: [htdig] Exact searches ... how?

Wolfgang Schneider (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:41:03 +0200

Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> (snips)
> That's why I was wondering how phrase searching was implemented. I can imagine
> two different scenarios:
> 1) A phrase match requires an exact (albeit case-insensitive) match of
> the entire phrase, including punctuation, but perhaps collapsing all
> white space to a single space character. In this case, a search for
> "Romans 3:2" would match:
> Romans 3:2
> ROMANS 3:2
> romans
> 3:2
> but not
> romans 3 : 2

Hi Gilles,

    something like that would certainly be desireable ... and being case
insensitive would not really matter much anyway.

> 2) A phrase match only checks words in the database, and makes sure the matching
> words appear in the correct sequence. In the case of "Romans 3:2" only "romans"
> would be looked up in the database, the 3 and the 2 having been thrown out
> because they're too short to bother with, so I assume that any document with the
> word romans in it would be taken to match this phrase.

    That is what's already happening now ... all "Romans" documents show up as a

> Is your implementation of phrase matching closer to the first or second scenario,
> or is it something else altogether? If I recall, what was discussed on
> htdig3-dev was rather like the 2nd case. The 1st approach, which had been
> suggested way back, would require complete document excerpts, not just the head,
> and doing a string match through the excerpt to weed out false matches. I think
> this is what Wolfgang would require, but not what's implemented.

    I' not technically knowledgable enough to tell you what I would require in such
terms :-) But, plain speech, the above result of scenario #1 is sort of what I was
hoping to get ... I was thinking along the lines of what I get with some of the
Internet seach engines when enclosing an expression in "" and pretty much the exact
phrase is being looked up (so I think)

God bless you with His grace and peace

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