Re: [htdig] Exact searches ... how?

Wolfgang Schneider (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:02:52 +0200

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> I'm not certain how the 3:2 would be treated, but Gilles is right
> that individual numbers wouldn't be indexed, even with allow_numbers
> set to true.

Dear Geoff,

 here's the results page for a search solely for "3:22"
       No matches were found for '3:22'
       Check the spelling of the search word(s) you used. ....

when searching for "Romans 3:22", it produces the same as above if
searched with "ALL" as Match, but it does produce a list of links when
searched with "ANY" as Match.

> This would obviously be an interesting test...

Interesting it was, but unfortunately it did not produce any better
results as at first ... Is there anything like a "phrase" search
possible, like enclosing the words in " "? (which seems to be what some
search engines use)

God bless you with His grace and peace

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