Re: [htdig] Wrapper script for htsearch

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:16:59 +0200

Aaron Turner wrote:
> First, thanks for the hint about the patch for 3.1.3 & url params.
> Worked like a charm. I'm interested in your mention of patch to allow
> htsearch to take the search string & format in the command line to avoid
> the cost of an additional fork() of the shell when wrapping htsearch. I
> searched and searched and could not find such a patch (it wasn't in your
> php wrapper class and I looked in the list archives).
> If anyone has a patch for htsearch to allow it to take all params in the
> command line so it can be executed by a single command *please* send it to
> me or the list! Otherwise, it's on my list to do, and I'll post it in a
> few weeks when I get to it.

I hope it will make it into the distribution some time ;-)


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