Re: [htdig] remove_bad_urls

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 08:25:47 +0200

Maria Cervantes wrote:
> Hi, I'm using htdig-3.1.2 and I have to index 66 servers, but sometimes
> some of them can't be reached because they are down, etc. So I never get
> the whole list of servers indexed.
> However, I wish to keep in the database of the htdig, the documents of
> the servers that coudn't be reach, but were indexed in a other time.
> I put in the config file remove_bad_urls: false
> I run htdig three days ago and I got:
> htdig: Run complete
> htdig: 66 servers seen:
> htdig: 162 documents
> I run htdig yesterday and I got:
> htdig: Run complete
> htdig: 65 servers seen:
> htdig: 0 documents
> I searched for words I know are in this url and I didn't get any
> result.
> Do you have any idea??
> Did I misunderstand the usage of remove_bad_urls??

Do you "update" using an initial dig ("-i" command line option)?
In this case "remove_bad_urls" won't come into effect.


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