Re: [htdig] Wrapper script for htsearch

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 08:23:54 +0200

Joseph Cheek wrote:
> this is the script name i was told to use:
> #!/bin/sh
> export SCRIPT_NAME=/results.php
> exec "$0".real ${@+"$@"}
> name this script htsearch, change htsearch to htsearch.real, and declare
> SCRIPT_NAME to be the php results script. call it from within php as follows:
> readfile ("$QUERY_STRING");
> where QUERY_STRING is the same that would have been passed to htsearch.

This is not only slow, but also a security hole, as it allows to execute
arbitrary commands from within $QUERY_STRING.

Have a look at the contrib section at instead.
I have uploaded a (nearly) complete wrapper class there some time ago
also has some documentation in the source how to set up a wrapper with

Furthermore, to increase speed (by omitting an additional shell level),
patch should be applied to htsearch, which allows issueing search
on the command line (either it is in the same archive as the wrapper
or somewhere in the mailing list archives).


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