[htdig] Wrapper script for htsearch

Philip Coates (philc@noho.co.uk)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 18:19:04 +0100

I'm having some problems with wrappers for htsearch too. I want to build a
PHP wrapper object that reads in the keywords selected by the user to
assemble a single keywords string (keywords=x+y+z) and then pass that to
htsearch and read the results by creating a new script which parses those
results and puts them into the format we require.

To test this sort of functionality I used a wrapper script similar to that
published to this list:

/home/www/cgibin/htsearch -vv

All I get from this is a prompt for "words" and "format" as usual when run
from the command line. Trying a similar approach to the above, but with the
QUERY_STRING removed "cat $1 | /path/htsearch etc." still doesn't produce
anything useful.

What I'd like to do ultimately is call a method in my PHP wrapper class
(something like wrapper->htsearch($type,$searchwords)) to make a call to
htsearch with some given parameters... Is this possible or am I mad for even
contemplating it?

Thanks in advance,

Phil Coates

NoHo Digital
Floor 2, Canberra House
315-317 Regent St
London W1R 7YB

phone: 44(0)207 299 3425
mobile: 44(0)7711 818 384
email: philc@noho.co.uk
http: www.noho.co.uk

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