Re: [htdig] Frame problems!
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 11:22:41 -0700

At 2:46 PM +0100 10/19/99, Max wrote:
>hi Andy,
>thanks for responding to me. The prob is though that I can't have any links on
>the "content" page, only on the menus at the side frame.

So if someone finds your site from a search engine, they can't get
anywhere from a found page? This seems like a mistake. Even if you
put in JavaScript to always bring up the frame context, it won't work
for a lot of browsers.

I recommend that you always have basic links on the content page, so
people can get *somewhere* from there. All the good web info
architects and UI designers I know, including Jakob Nielsen, Jennifer
Fleming and Lou Rosenfeld, say "don't let people get into dead ends".


PS I wrote a white paper for Ultraseek on robot indexing, all about
the problems with frames, JavaScript, image maps, and so on. You
might find it useful -- it's at

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