Re: [htdig] Different location of htdig.conf and htsearch

Alain Zürcher (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 00:25:32 +0200

Wolfram Stumpf wrote :

<< There´s one problem with htsearch. The navigation buttons at the bottom
of the search page($(PREVPAGE) $(PAGELIST) $(NEXTPAGE)) do not work,
because the links bound to the images are wrong. They point at the wrong
configuration file.
Is it possible to tell htsearch, which configuration file it should use?
I already tried the config_dir option in htdig.conf, but this doesn´t

If the images don't work or would need be copied in too many directories,
you can ask HtDig to display text only (only 1 2 3 for pages 1 2 3, or < for
prev and > for next...!) ;-)

The address of the image directory, as specified in htdig.conf, is relative
to the place where (for example) results.html is "inserted", not stored.
Usually, it will be the directory where search.html is stored.

On each results, nomatch and syntax page, you have a variable $(CONFIG) that
takes the value that you have given to the config in a hidden field of
search.html. You can specify different config file names and locations on
your different search.html pages. You may also write the config file names
in clear on each results, syntax and nomatch pages, instead of leaving the
$(CONFIG), in case the $(CONFIG) puzzles you or messes things up.

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