Re: [htdig] Disk usage

Michael Hirohama (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:40:41 -0700

Quoting (
> Hi, folks.
> When running htmerge, I get the following result:
> --
> medea:~/htdig-3.1.3$ bin/htmerge
> /var: warning, user disk quota exceeded
> /var: write failed, user disk limit reached.
> /bin/sort: write error: Quota exceeded
> htmerge: Word sort failed
> --
> I supposedly have over 250 MB of unused disk space available in my home
> directory, where I've installed ht://Dig. When I run htmerge, does it write
> only to the 'db' directory? Or could the error be caused by an attempt to
> write files elsewhere?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rehan

Most sort(1) executables use /var/tmp /usr/tmp or /tmp to store
temporary working files. So if you don't have root access to
provide sufficient temporary space, I suggest you use the GNU
textutils version of sort which allows "-T tempdir" (or TMPDIR
in the environment) to override the default.


Michael Hirohama <>

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