[htdig] Problem with local fulltext help search in SuSe 6.2 (package htdig)

Faheem Mitha (mitha@math.unc.edu)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:04:11 -0400 (EDT)

Dear htdig people,
                  I have elementary questions about the implementation of
htdig. I hope you will try to help me, though the request is elementary.
I am using SuSe 6.2. I was trying to implement full text search of the
local help database using htdig, as described in the SuSe 6.2 manual pgs
326/328, and in the file /usr/doc/packages/dochost/README.SuSE. However, I
failed. I am not sure what the problem is, but it is certainly connected
to networking issues that I don't understand.

I looked at /usr/doc/packages/dochost/README.SuSE, and tried to follow the
instructions. It seems that my machine needs to be set up as a document
server (though it is a stand-alone machine). Then I need to run suserundig
to intitialise ht://Dig.

The following parameters need to be set in etc/rc.config

START_HTTPD="yes" (was the default setting, so no problem)
DOC_SERVER="yes" (to enable configuration as a doc server

Now, the stuff I'm unclear about...
DOC_HOST="$FQHOSTNAME" (I have to set the name of the doc server. The
defautl seems to be $FQHOSTNAME. Now, I have a standalone machine with no
IP address, so I have put for PQHOSTNAME (fully qualified hostname) else
where in /etc/suse.config as Chrestomanci.home.earth. I've called my
machine Chestomanci, and the home.earth is arbitrary. I don't know if this
is the right thing to do. I tried putting localhost instead, and then
SuSEconfig has fits, and says that hostname is blank despite having set
DOC_SERVER="yes". The reason I tried to set the doc servername to
localhost was that it seemed like the natural thing to do.

Finally I am supposed to set

DOC_ALLOW="LOCAL .yourdomain.top"

This is supposed to be the machines that have access to the doc server.
I'm not sure what to put here either. I tried just putting LOCAL, and also
LOCAL .home.earth

Just to clarify, my present settings for these four parameters is


However, susehelp (webbased) no longer can find the documentation page,
which it could, before I configured the doc server.

Before (doc server not configured or doc server name set to localhost), it
could find the web page, called


Now, (doc server name set to Chrestomanci.home.earth) it simply responds
that is cannot find


Also, when I run suserundig, I get the following log. It takes only a few
seconds to run, and text search still doesn't work, so it is clearly not
working correctly.
Initializing ht://Dig fulltext database
This may take a long time (> 1 hour)
done initializing, now merging databases...
done merging, htnotify...
done, htfuzzy endings...
done, htfuzzy synonyms
ht://Dig initialized.
Mysteriously, if I set doc server name to localhost, it gives a slightly
given message, complaining it can't find some file in
/usr/doc/packages/dochost/ which indeed isn't there.

By the way, my /etc/hosts shows the following: localhost Chrestomanci.home.earth Chrestomanci

Can anyone help me? I've been going mad over here, and have spent way too much
time on this! If you need further information, please let me know.

                                     Sincerely, Faheem Mitha.


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