[htdig] htsearch returns garbage .. need help

mick (mick@onramp.ca)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 14:58:11 -0400

hi -

first, i must admit that i'm still a linux newbie - and i'm bringing
this up because i'm not sure if the problem i'm experiencing is a result
of htsearch or if i've configured something incorrectly in apache.

when i run htsearch at a basic prompt, it returns visably clean html.
but when i try to pass it values from a web page (using the GET method,
correct? the search.html file that comes with the distribution uses
POST, which returns POST not supported for this URL ..) it returns

by gibberish, i mean:






and much, much more - this is one of the few chunks that doesn't have
high-bit characters in it.

anyhow, if someone can suggest what i'm doing wrong, it would be greatly

thanks very much.

mick szucs
onramp network services inc.
pgp id - 0x27FCD309

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