Re: [htdig] zlib support or not?

Torsten Neuer (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:03:28 +0200

Wolfram Stumpf wrote:
> Is it possible to determine, if htdig was build with or without zlib
> support? I compiled it on a Suse 6.0 Linux, but I don´t know, whether
> zlib is installed or not. I tried to set compression_level to reduce the
> size of the db-files, but with no success. Then I gzip´ed the files.
> They required only half the amount of disc space as they did before I
> gzip´ed them. Is this already a sign for the lack of zlib?

Sadly, there is no "--version" or similar command-line parameter which
could tell you. But if you compile Ht://Dig yourself, you will see a
message that tells you whether zlib-compression will be compiled or not.
If you have just the binaries, you can look at db.doc.db - index with
compression level 0, then reindex with level 9 - it should be smaller
for greater compression levels.

Other databases are not compressed, since it would cause too much of
an overhead (e.g. the word index or the soundex database) which in
turn slows down the search.


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