[htdig] Multiple hits in one document.

Brian Salter-Duke (b_duke@lacebark.ntu.edu.au)
Sat, 9 Oct 1999 08:38:32 +0930

I have ht://dig set up nicely now to search a series of teaching modules
on my server. The results of a search display 4 lines of the text that
includes the search target. However if the target is there several times
in one page, it only displays the first one. Is there any way to
configure htsearch so it displays all hits in one page? Some other
search programs such as glimpse do this, but we have decided for reasons
I am sure you all share to use ht://dig only.

Cheers, Brian.

        Associate Professor Brian Salter-Duke (Brian Duke)
Chemistry, Faculty of Science, IT and Education, Northern Territory University,
  Darwin, NT 0909, Australia.  Phone 08-89466702. Fax 08-89466847
b_duke@lacebark.ntu.edu.au  http://www.smps.ntu.edu.au/school/compchem.html

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