[htdig] ANNOUNCE: ht://Dig 3.1.3 RPMs for Red Hat

Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 12:58:02 -0500

I've just uploaded source and binary rpms for the ht://Dig 3.1.3 web
site search engine to incoming.redhat.com, for eventual inclusion
on contrib.redhat.com. I've also placed them on the htdig.org site,
in http://www.htdig.org/files/binaries/. They can also be downloaded
from the SCRC web site, at


This is the latest stable release and is recommended for all production

The following RPMs were built on Red Hat Linux 4.2, 5.0* and 6.0 respectively:

htdig-3.1.3-1glibc.i386.rpm * (see note below)
htdig-3.1.3-1glibc.src.rpm * (see note below)
htdig-3.1.3-1glibc21.i386.rpm (for glibc-2.1, Red Hat 6.0)
htdig-3.1.3-1glibc21.src.rpm (for glibc-2.1, Red Hat 6.0)

Run /usr/sbin/rundig after installing, to (re)build all your databases.
(A complete reindexing isn't necessary if you had htdig-3.1.2 previously
installed, unless you want to take advantage of the new compound word
indexing feature.)


Name : htdig Distribution: (none)
Version : 3.1.3 Vendor: (none)
Release : 1 Build Date: Wed Oct 06 15:43:00 1999
Install date: Wed Oct 06 15:59:14 1999 Build Host: cliff.scrc.umanitoba.ca
Group : Networking/Utilities Source RPM: htdig-3.1.3-1.src.rpm
Size : 3032887
Packager : Gilles Detillieux <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>
URL : http://www.htdig.org/
Summary : A web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet
Description :
The ht://Dig system is a complete world wide web indexing and searching
system for a small domain or intranet. This system is not meant to replace
the need for powerful internet-wide search systems like Lycos, Infoseek,
Webcrawler and AltaVista. Instead it is meant to cover the search needs for
a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a web site.

As opposed to some WAIS-based or web-server based search engines, ht://Dig
can span several web servers at a site. The type of these different web
servers doesn't matter as long as they understand the HTTP 1.0 protocol.


* Note to Red Hat 5.0 & 5.1 users:

There's an obscure bug in vixie-cron on Red Hat 5.0 and 5.1 systems,
in its SIGCHLD signal handling. It causes htmerge to fail consistently
with a "Word sort failed" error, when run from a cron job. It could
potentially cause similar problems with other jobs. I recommend upgrading
to the latest vixie-cron from the 5.2 distribution updates:


They can be obtained from any Red Hat Linux update mirror site, or
along with the htdig RPMs from my web site above.


    This version fixes a number of bugs in the 3.1.2 release and is the
    latest stable release of ht://Dig. It is the only version recommended
    for production servers and users of all previous versions are
    suggested to upgrade. It fixes most, but not all outstanding bugs in the
    3.1.x releases. (Some, but not all of these fixes were included in
    the 3.1.2-4 RPM release.)

Release Notes:

      * Fixed a long-standing bug where search queries containing
        punctuation would not be highlighted in excerpts.
      * Fixed a bug where SGML entities inside HTML tags were not
      * Fixed the server_aliases attribute to default to port 80 if
      * Fixed a bug in URL parsing, where documents ending in the value
        used for remove_default_doc were ignored. For example, a URL
        ending in /left_index.html would become /.
      * Fixed META robot parsing to correctly parse multiple directives.
      * Fixed a coredump when generating the metaphone fuzzy database on
        some systems.
      * Fixed the behavior of the modification_time_is_now attribute to
        work as documented.
      * Fixed the behavior of htdig to block out the username/password set
        on the command-line in process listing.
      * Fixed a bug with external parsers to prevent shell escapes in
      * Fixed a bug on some systems, where printing a date might crash.
      * Handles the ispell endings lists better so that suffixes more
        closely match grammatical rules.
      * Changed the maximum word length to a run-time option, set with the
        new attribute maximum_word_length.
      * Tests for the presence of alloca.h, which would cause problems
        with compiling the regex code under non-GNU compilers.
      * Added support for <EMBED>, <OBJECT>, and <LINK> HTML tags.
      * A variety of other bugs were fixed, see the ChangeLog for
      * When indexing, htdig should now attempt to index compound words as
        separate words in addition to a compound word. For example,
        "pdf_parser" would also be indexed as "pdf" and "parser."
      * Once again, thanks to everyone who reported bugs and bug fixes.

   The full ChangeLog for this release is available from:

Gilles R. Detillieux              E-mail: <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>
Spinal Cord Research Centre       WWW:    http://www.scrc.umanitoba.ca/~grdetil
Dept. Physiology, U. of Manitoba  Phone:  (204)789-3766
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3J7  (Canada)   Fax:    (204)789-3930

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